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Tobi Johnson and Associates - A New Vision for Volunteerism
We’re here to help you connect with passionate volunteers who share a common vision for a better world. In partnership with purpose-driven organizations, we offer evidence-based volunteer management consulting, results-oriented training and big picture thinking to help you to attract, inspire and mobilize top volunteer talent. If you're ready to take your volunteer program to the next level, we can help you on that journey.

“We heard nothing but positive and enthusiastic feedback from the attendees, and personally I feel it was exactly what I was looking for and needed from that day. In fact many people said that they thought this was our best conference ever! Tobi is  a real visionary! She thinks big and encourages people to stretch their brains… and look at ideas from different perspectives. I also think she elevates the profession as a whole and I am thankful that she is out there, getting us excited with these big thoughts!”

“Tobi impresses in many ways: smart, articulate, savvy, knowledgeable, experienced, dedicated and extremely competent. But three qualities stand out: her passion for what she does, her personal and professional commitment to her clients, and her insight and openness that inspire trust.”

“I truly appreciate your study into the psychology of making our efforts work. We know intuitively and through experience that many of the things we attempt will–or won’t–work, but it’s helpful to have the complete picture as to why it is that way. It’s also a lot more credible to quote the facts and theory than saying, “because I know.” When you’re busy handling the day-to-day demands, it’s tough to do research. Thanks for making it available in a concise and helpful format!!”

We Can! We help organizations attract, inspire and mobilize
top volunteer talent.