What will you invest in your volunteer services in 2019? ūüďą

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Tired of the same old results from your volunteer services department? Worried about and uncertain future? Looking for new ways to grow volunteer recruitment, retention, and results?

There are steps you can take right now for a better year ahead.

FIRST, start by mapping out  a concrete action plan.  Paint a concrete and compelling picture of what success looks like. How many volunteers, with which skills, in which roles?

When you have reached full capacity for volunteer involvement at your nonprofit, what will it look like?  More important, what will it feel like?

Less stressful? Less harried? More consistent? More reliable?

SECOND, plan where and how you will gain new, breakthrough insights that can propel your growth.

As the saying goes, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got.”¬†

Positive change requires embracing new ideas and taking calculated risks. But, it can be confusing and overwhelming to choose from the plethora of opinions about what should be done to effectively engage volunteers.

Plus, you¬†don’t have a lot of time to waste on¬†management methods that may or may not work, do you?

This is where a high quality capacity building support comes in.

Rather than spinning your wheels, strategically invest in gaining quick insights and tools that can level up your volunteer services approach quickly. This means high quality training and coaching.

No one ever got ahead without a¬†qualified guide.¬† You can’t know what you don’t know, and expert support can help you surface¬†your blind spots — and hone in on¬†solutions —¬†more quickly.

You can either invest your time in researching best practices  or invest your time in implementing them.  The choice is yours.

Another way to turbocharge your growth is by tapping the wisdom of peers.  It never makes sense to suffer in silence.  Leaders of volunteers who have struggled with similar challenges can help you from making strategic missteps that can cost you time and energy.  They can offer unique wisdom that only comes from real work in the trenches.

So, seek to invest a little time in BOTH planning your goals AND  connecting with people who can help you meet them.

One Solution That Works at Substantial Savings

If¬†you’re seriously interested in taking your nonprofit’s volunteer services to the next level, consider joining VolunteerPro.

A service of Tobi Johnson & Associates, our exclusive VolunteerPro membership community offers both superior training content and an extensive vault of time-saving resources, planning tools, and templates.

There’s no need to build every volunteer program element from scratch. With membership, you’ll have an expansive free library at your disposal.

Plus, members get access to our ProTalk community forum, a lively place to share struggle, ideas, and questions.  This is way more than a private Facebook group that.  Our forum is a a convenient, searchable database of tips from seasoned pros and our experts, without the promotions and fluff.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a community¬†you could tap for ideas, encouragement, and sage advice?¬† A team that had your back?¬†¬†We’ll you’ve found it!

Membership includes all of the following …

  • Monthly Study Guides
  • Two Live Webinars Per Month
  • One Group Coaching Call Per Month
  • Four Program Development Challenges
  • Private Community Forum
  • Resources & Recordings Vault
  • CVA Professional Development Units

What’s more,¬†right now¬†you can enjoy at significant savings.

Annual VolunteerPro Memberships are now value priced¬†at¬†$499¬†(that’s $100 OFF).
Or, save $40 on 6-month Memberships (now $289).

To join, visit — https://volpro.net/join-volunteerpro-sale/
Use Promo Code WINTERSALE (all caps) at checkout to get your discount.

Will the Investment Pay Off?

Wondering if investing in a VolunteerPro membership is the best option for you?

Read¬†what our members have to say …

‚ÄúI am a VolunteerPro member because the topics are timely and so relevant to my work. I am a ‚Äėdepartment of one,‚Äô so it is wonderful to get professional support from other VolunteerPro members and staff. We all speak the same language and understand what managing volunteers is all about. Plus, my membership offers much better content than I could get at any conference, which we can‚Äôt afford anyway.‚ÄĚ ~¬†Jenna Jones Paradis, CVA, Volunteer Coordinator, Smithsonian Associates Program

‚ÄúAll of the content is incredibly useful to me in my daily work. It is pragmatic and very relevant. Since we are pursuing Service Enterprise certification, I feel that I have all the best tools at my disposal to shepherd us with confidence in this process.‚ÄĚ ~¬†Alison Jones-Nassar, CVA, Volunteer Engagement and Events Manager, The Greater Richmond ARC

‚ÄúVolunteerPro provides an incredible community to bounce ideas off of, share experience, and sympathize with the challenges and successes that come from managing volunteers.‚ÄĚ ~¬†Erika Amaya, Senior Manager, Volunteer Operations, New York Road Runners

Also, there is absolutely no risk to joining.  We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If for any reason, you don’t absolutely love your membership, we’ll refund your money. No questions asked.

Enjoy Better Volunteer Engagement and Retention Than Ever Before

Whatever road you choose to improve your results, commit to it.

Now, more than over, it’s essential to our future sustainability that volunteers have the kinds of experiences they can rave about. It will not only help your organization, it will help the reputation of volunteerism and continue to flourish around¬†the world.

Here’s¬†wishing your volunteer services department you the best year ever!

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