Volunteer Management Case Studies

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Volunteer Management Case Studies: Better Volunteer Outcomes Through Expert Support

While each of our consulting projects is different and tailored to our clients’ needs, we thought it might be helpful for you to see examples of our process and results. Here are a few volunteer management case studies for you to view — click on each title to read the success story.

How a New Volunteer Program Strategy was Launched to Help Vulnerable Seniors

A Medicare counseling program was struggling to reach consumers in all corners of their state. Despite the hard work and dedication of their staff, they simply did not have enough hours in the day to serve a sufficient number of clients. When compared to their peers throughout the country, their productivity was far below average.

How a Statewide Volunteer Program Radically Improved its Performance in One Year

A large statewide network of 54 volunteer-based health benefits counseling programs was interested in increasing their performance, which in turn might generate additional funding to expand services. An analysis of their program outcomes revealed that, although the total number of active volunteers across the state had increased, the total number of clients served had not.

How a Volunteer Program Assessment Helped This Organization Find Clarity

A few years before contacting Tobi Johnson & Associates, a volunteer-driven advocacy program had instituted a new volunteer initiative to expand volunteerism and revitalize its volunteer management framework. The transition to the new framework met with mixed results. In some regions, the implementation went smoothly, resulting in the integration of existing volunteers into the new structure with relative ease. Other regions had experienced a gradual decline in volunteer involvement. In still others, efforts to recruit a local county volunteer team were unsuccessful.