Free Volunteer Management Resources

For Download: Free Volunteer Management Resources

We hope the free volunteer management resources below will be helpful to you.

Sample Volunteer Handbook Table of Contents

Use this a guide for developing a volunteer handbook that describes your program’s policies and procedures.

Volunteer Recruitment Checklist

Use this self-assessment tool to identify the weak areas in your recruitment efforts and prioritize which to tackle first.

Volunteer Team Charter Template: Volunteer Recruitment, Screening and Placement Team

Use this template to establish a foundation, clarify team direction, and establish boundaries for the work of a volunteer-led team that is responsible for the recruitment, screening, and placement of new volunteers. The volunteer team should develop the charter, with support and guidance from paid staff.

Strategic Planning Tool: Volunteer Helpforce Needs Analysis

Use this process to analyze your program needs and design volunteer roles and teams that can work together to reach your program goals.

Strategic Planning Tool: Finding Root Causes with Affinity Diagrams

Use this process to identify the root causes of persistent volunteer program challenges, so that you don’t waste time pursuing solutions that don’t address the real issue at hand. This is a wonderful process to use with volunteer teams.


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