Future Forecast: Four Big Shifts will Change Volunteerism…for the Better

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VolunteerMatch.org Webinar
As society evolves, so too does volunteerism. Are you ready? How will today’s cultural shifts influence the needs and desires of your volunteer supporters? What can you do to address these needs both now and into the future?

In this webinar, we cover four thought-provoking cultural and scientific trends that will transform how we do business…and may even make your program stronger and better.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How and why volunteer management is now more sophisticated than ever
  • Four key trends that are affecting how we attract, engage, and support volunteers
    • Advances in brain science and neuroleadership
    • Discoveries in human performance and talent development
    • Migration from solely virtual to virtual and mobile
    • The increasing importance of data
  • Tactical ideas and solutions to integrate into strategic program planning

Video Recording of Webinar

Webinar Slide Deck

Handouts for Download
Download Handout #1
Download Handout #2