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Volunteer Satisfaction Surveys: Ten Ways to Get It Right

Gathering candid opinions from your volunteers will help you gain insights around what you need to improve. Despite our best efforts, however, sometimes our surveys raise more questions than insights and don’t help us understand the specific actions we need to take next. If that’s the case for you, here are some suggestions that I hope will help generate the rich, actionable feedback you need.

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News Releases are a Waste of Time

The more I work with nonprofits trying to get the word out about what they do and what they need, the more I realize that the good old-fashioned news release has become obsolete. So, ditch it…instead of spending time trying to court the mainstrem media, generate your own buzz by focusing all of your energy on promoting positive word of mouth marketing.

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How This Book Changed My Life

Through the interview process with my future boss and colleagues, I saw a bright light at the end of my tunnel. It seemed to be an innovation-friendly environment. I could grow, test new ideas, and make a big difference. All good. A few weeks into my job, my boss handed me a tiny little tome, Orbiting the Giant Hairball. “Read it, you’ll need it,” she said mysteriously.

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Four Ways to Avoid the Blame Game

As you may have noticed from my recent posts, I’ve become more and more fascinated failure and with how people learn from it. One way to become more resilient is help your team learn from their experiences by making it safe to fail. Supporting emotional safety is important, and you can do this by avoiding the blame game.

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