Volunteer Management Training

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DrawingWe develop and deliver energetic and research-based volunteer management training that is designed for effective learning. We’ll work with you to make sure our learning objectives are aligned with your organization’s goals. Our workshops will increase your team’s volunteer management skills and the tactical options available to them.

Your Team Will…

  • Be led by an experienced trainer
  • Get hands-on practice
  • Leave with an action plan
  • Learn in a relaxed, fun environment
  • Integrate old and new experiences
  • Take home useful resources and links

Training participants will gain an increased ability to positively influence their volunteer program results. They’ll leave equipped with actionable templates and takeaways, feeling confident and better prepared for the road ahead.

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Here are some volunteer management training topic ideas to get you started:

Mobilizing Volunteers for the Greater Good

  • Keys to Volunteer Motivation
  • Stages of Engagement
  • Delegation: The Fine Art of Letting Go

Mapping Your Volunteer’s Experience

  • Analyze & Improve Your Support of Volunteers
  • How to Identify Volunteer Touch Points
  • Why Customer Service is Your Biggest Recruitment Ally

Make it Work! Managing Positive Volunteer Program Outcomes

  • Measure What Matters
  • How to Manage Change
  • Get the Team Involved

Using Storytelling to Recruit Volunteers

  • How to Win Hearts and Minds
  • Why Stories Drive Action
  • The Classic Story Structure

Recruiting the “Right” Volunteer

  • How to Use a Volunteer Workforce Needs Analysis
  • Effective Screening and Interviewing
  • Online Tactics that Drive Involvement

Developing an Effective Volunteer Orientation

  • Purpose and Benefits of Orientation that Works
  • Key Topics to Cover
  • Creative Ideas for Your Volunteer Manual

Onboarding: Cultivating Volunteer Engagement

  • Why Onboarding is Vital to Your Success
  • Design for Deeper Participation and Commitment
  • Activating Volunteers Before, During and After Training

Mobilizing High Impact Volunteer Talent

  • How to Engage Skilled Volunteers in High-Impact Positions
  • Promoting Authentic Volunteer Leadership
  • Where to Find Quality Volunteers

Evidence-based Training Practices

  • Common Myths About How We Learn
  • What Volunteer Really Want to Know
  • Implementing Training on Land and Online

Calculating the ROI of Volunteer Programs

  • Why ROI Matters
  • Easy and More Complex Ways to Do the Math
  • What Data to Collect and How

Finding Community Partners that Add Value to Your Volunteer Program

  • Key Steps to Prepare Your Org
  • How to Negotiate Terms
  • Evaluating Effectiveness

Contact us to talk about how we can tailor a workshop or training program just for you.